As a trial lawyer, I have seen my fair share of unique and interesting attempts to avoid jury duty. At my first jury trial, a woman attempted to get out of jury duty by explaining that she had day care issues with her young child. The Judge volunteered his staff to watch the child and the woman stayed on the jury. (She found someone else to watch her children and did not take the judge up on his offer.)

I myself have been a juror in a criminal case that involved breaking and entering into hotel rooms at the Imperial Palace on the Strip. The Defendant used a butter knife to gain access to the rooms and stole tourist possessions. One of my potential co-jurors was dismissed because she believed that only God could pass judgment on the acts of men.

I love this recent excuse from Nashville, Tennessee. Apparently one prospective juror attempted to get out of jury duty because he had season tickets to the Tennessee Titans. It did not work, but the Judge did offer to put the game on TV. Here is the article. I am curious if there is a NFL town that such an argument may work. Dallas? Indy? the NY Giants?

Unfortunately season tickets will not get you out of jury duty.