Producer/Manager Chip Lightman and the late impressionist Danny Gans in 2003 created a joint venture to recruit Donny and Marie Osmond to come to Las Vegas.

It worked and Donny & Marie are the current headliners at the Flamingo. Chip Lightman produced the Donny & Marie show until he was ousted.

Lightman recently sued Donny & Marie and according to the Complaint filed on October 1, 2010, with the Clark County Courthouse Donny Osmond demanded Lightman to be removed in order to “line his own pockets with ill-gotten gains to fund his lavish lifestyle of exotic cars, luxury hotel suites and private jets.” According to the complaint both Osmonds make 1.6 million as a base salary and get 40 percent of gross box office receipts over $250,000.

Lightman alleges that he was edged out because  “(d)ue to the declining economy, poor investments and his extravagant lifestyle,” Donny “lived paycheck to paycheck scraping by to cover his own expenses.” Lightman further claims that Donny Osmond is “underhanded, devious, fraudulent and greedy,” pointing out that such allegations are “contrary to the wholesome, all-American, good-natured image that he presents to the public.”

The case has been assigned to Department 25, the Honorable Kathleen Delaney. As of this post, none of the defendants have made an appearance.