After months of deliberating and planning out options, I have finally struck out on my own. I am putting out the old shingle and opening a law practice with my new partner, David R. Fischer. (Insert your joke about two David’s in a law firm here.) David has been a mediator with the foreclosure mediation program since its inception, is a Navy vet and is a phenomenal attorney. He is also on the cover of this month’s Nevada Lawyer honoring attorneys who have served our country. Mrs. Sin City Esq created our logo and our business cards.

The New Logo for the New Firm created by the Mrs.

I wrote this introduction to announce our new firm:

“Times are tough in Nevada and tough times require tough advocates on your side.

Today, we introduce Fischer Sanders, LLP; a law firm that will be there to guide you through every step of the way, through these difficult times and beyond.

Most legal problems are not planned and happen by surprise.  You did not plan on suffering injuries due to an accident, be it an automobile accident or a slip and fall.  You do no calendar the pain and suffering afterwards and you certainly don’t count on losing income because you were hurt on the job.  With mounting bills and a decrease in income, you fear for your family’s future.

You also did not plan on a business disagreement or a contract being breached. Nor did you schedule not being paid for work done or other problems facing small businesses in this economy.

The criminal justice system can be particularly intimidating.  Its stakes are always high. You could face a potential prison term, significant fines and a loss of your civil rights.

At Fischer Sanders, we understand that your case represents one of the most significant events of your lifetime.  We appreciate the great value of the matters you entrust to us. You’ll breathe easier, knowing you’ve got a team of professionals helping you make the best possible decisions with the least amount of stress. Fischer Sanders advocates from a common-sense position, while never sacrificing advocacy when advocacy is warranted.

If you need legal help, surround yourself with an experienced team who is driven to achieve results, contact Fischer Sanders, LLP.”

Here is the link to the new website, http://www.